Premium Retreat Program [ENG]

We are in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance, fuelled by an increased scientific interest in the potential of psychedelic medicine. Psychologists and doctors are learning how to use psychedelics to facilitate psychological and spiritual growth, through safe and transformative experiences.

At Nysnö, we have been at the forefront of scientific development in this field for years. In 2021 we decided to take the next step - to launch and develop our own model for the future of psychedelic work. This is an invitation to experience precisely that - a glimpse into what may be the gold standard of group work with psychedelics in the future. An invitation for you who are interested in a deep psychological and spiritual exploration, supported by psilocybin truffles in an optimal, safe and legal setting. 

The program spans over a month during the end of 2023 and includes preparation, the retreat itself, and integration work after the experience. Preparation and integration are conducted online and the retreat takes place at the stunning Transitium ZeeVELD close to Amsterdam.

None of our programs is about treatment for psychiatric conditions, they are designed for people who perceive themselves as mentally healthy. Participation can be extremely psychologically challenging and often involves intense personal work.

Datum och platser

Förberedande workshop
Castricum, Netherlands

Set and Setting

In our work, we have learned the importance of the participants' inner state (set) and context (setting) to create conditions for long-term meaningful change. Therefore we emphasize preparation, not only at the individual level but also at the group level. Throughout the program, the group becomes an important part of the setting for the individual and creates a sense of security and trust that is central to the transformative potential of the experience. The location of the retreat itself is carefully chosen and perfectly designed for this type of work.

Music is a crucial aspect of supporting the process, which has become clear both in traditional ceremonial work and in scientific research. We have developed our own musical narrative with elements of live music and silence, as well as selected pieces from an excellent sound system. No predetermined playlist — each track is chosen based on what's going on in the room.

The Program

Health declaration and screening

After registration and deposit you will receive a health declaration form and we'll schedule an initial screening interview.

Individual preparatory session

After completed screening there is a individual session with one of the facilitators for the program, to establish report, discuss intention, and answer any questions from participants.

Introduction (2 hours)

The group process is initiated with an introduction meeting roughly two weeks before the retreat.

Preparatory Workshop (3 hours)

About one week before the retreat we'll do a preparatory online workshop, designed to increase the sense of safety within the group and improving the conditions for integration of the experience.

Retreat in the Netherlands

Retreat including full board during five days with two psychedelic truffle sessions.

Integration Workshop (3 hours)

This workshop includes group discussions and exercises to facilitate integration and support change.

Closing Session (2 hours)

We close the program by summarizing the process, setting intentions, and saying goodbye.

Optional individual session with facilitator

For participants with a need for extra support, it’s possible to schedule an individual session up to two months after the retreat. If there is a need or a wish for continued support, we refer to therapists in our network.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1 — Landing and First Session

Arrival between 11am and 2pm. A light meal, practical information and group sharing. The first truffle session takes place during the evening. A late dinner is served afterwards.

Day 2 — Integration and Rest

Sharing in the morning. Time for sauna, nature walks and contemplation. Individual talks are scheduled throughout the day.

Day 3 — Deep Dive

The second truffle session with a possibility of a higher dosing takes place during the day. Dinner with the group and and possibility for sauna during the evening.

Day 4 — Departure

Final sharing, closing words and lunch, before departure at 2pm.

Venue & Meals

We are thrilled to return once again to Transitium ZeeVELD, a beautiful meditation/retreat center tucked into a nature reserve with famous sand dunes and a short walk from the Atlantic Ocean. More information and photos are available on their website ( All participants will have their own room. All meals are organic & vegetarian, prepared by our excellent chef Evrim Kurc (


The venue is located roughly 30 minutes drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Participants are responsible for their own journey to the venue, however we are of course more than happy to support with travel arrangements.


The program is facilitated by Hanna Radomski Workneh and Johan Eriksson, lic. clinical psychologists. Filip Bromberg (lic. clinical psychologist) and Susanna Hinderks (coach & yoga therapy teacher) will join as assistants. The team holds experience from 25+ retreat programs & clinical psychedelic research. Screening is conducted by Jesper Råback, MD.

Read more about Nysnö here.


The total cost for the whole program is €3700 excl. VAT, which corresponds to €4635 incl. VAT if applicable (private expense or Swedish business).

A deposit of €800 excl. VAT (€1000 incl. VAT) is paid by card upon registration to start the screening process. If during the process we assess that there is any type of risk involved, or that participation is somehow not suitable, the deposit is refunded. Participants have a five days after completed screening when they can back out and get the deposit back. The remaining part of the participation fee is due shortly before the first group session.

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