Breathwork & Drum Journey XL: Daytime Session

Following a sold-out premiere in January, we are back in the magical Eric Ericsonhallen on Skeppsholmen!

To welcome spring and the light, this will be a daytime session. The format will be the same as last time, with preparatory exercises and following integration. Expect a deep and liberating journey with breathwork, live drums and a final sound bath. We create a safe and secure space, even for those of you who have never tried anything similar. The session is facilitated by Roshi, Soroush and Filip from Nysnö.

The doors open at 10.30, to give participants time to land in silence to the sounds of ceremonial music from Filip. We start at 11.00 with practical info and a grounding practice, to create the right conditions for letting go and surrender to the experience.

During the breathwork session, participants are led into a combination of circular breathing and breath holds. Roshi's guidance and Soroush's drums will help you get out of the thinking mind and into the body, helping to release tension, stress, and emotions. Experiences can be physical, emotional or spiritual, e.g. in the form of body movements, tears, laughter and release of anger. The setting and acoustics of the space will add an extra layer of intensity to the experience.

We end the session with a meditation to the sound of singing bowls and music from Filip. After the session, you are invited to stay and enjoy the afterglow and togetherness in the space we create together.

► DATE/TIME: 14th of April 10.30-14.00
► LOCATION: Skeppsholmskyrkan/Eric Ericsonhallen, Kyrkslingan 2-4, Stockholm
► LANGUAGE This event will be in English.
► PREPARATIONS: Bring your own yoga mat, water bottle, blanket and possibly blindfold. As it can get cold on the floor, we recommend warm and soft clothes. Breathwork works best on an empty stomach - bring fruit or snacks to eat afterwards.

◄ About The Facilitators►
Roshi is a lic. psychotherapist and works with the whole person with a trauma-informed holistic perspective and psychedelic integration. She offers breathwork as a tool to help clients gain a deeper connection with the body, and release stress/trauma and emotional blockages. Since 2022, she works regularly with Nysnö, where she also holds breathwork sessions. Roshi offers group sessions where she highlights the importance of the breath and the nervous system for better health, personal development and well-being.

Soroush is lic. clinical psychologist working with psychedelic integration. In addition to this work, he offers drum journeys for supporting meditative states and transformative experiences. For many years, Soroush has played percussion at ceremonies both in Holland and in Brazil. He offers a unique fusion of Iranian and Brazilian drum rhythms long used for meditation, spiritual reflection and ceremonial purposes. Through their hypnotic and rhythmic qualities, these rhythms can help the listener center themselves, creating a stronger connection with their inner self.

Filip Bromberg is a lic. clinical psychologist, dj, and co-founder of Nysnö. He has facilitated ~30 retreat programs, developing a distinct musical narrative to support psychedelic group journeys. Filip is an educator within the psychedelic space, and maintains a private practice with focus on harm reduction and integration.


This event is organized by Nysnö, a psychologist company with special knowledge of psychedelic experiences and altered states of consciousness. Since 2021, Nysnö arranges retreat programs with legal retreats in the Netherlands. With our Swedish events, we intend to contribute to the psychedelic community and assist with the integration of psychedelic experiences. All our activities and events in Sweden are sober.

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